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Born in London in 1936. Peter went onto teach Art at Ashton Park School and then the College of St Mathias, followed by Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Art, Bristol Polytechnic (now known as University of West of England), retiring in 1985. He has been a member of the Royal West of England Academy since 1970. He works in oil, watercolour and pastel from his studio in Bristol.



Somerset College of Art, Taunton:1953-1955

St Martins School of Art: 1955 - 1957

NDD Painting and Institute of Education,

London University: 1958 -1959, ATD

Single Exhibitions

Arnolfini Galleries, Bristol 1961 – 62 – 66

Barrow Court, Somerset 1976

RWA, New Gallery 2003

RWA, New Gallery 2009


Group Exhibitions

A.I.A. Galleries, London

John Moores, Liverpool

Bear Lane, Oxford

Exeter Arts Festival

Dillington House, Somerset

RWA Then and Now Exhibition January 2007

RWA Bristol Autumn Exhibition 1970 – 2008

Artist Statement

"I have always been moved by the appearance of things. I believe there is more poetry, drama and abstract tension in subject matter, extracted from the world around us, than any shapes we might make up. I have always worked with the subject in front of me, either finishing the painting in situ, or making small oil studies and drawings, which can be used to make a larger version in the studio. My usual practice is to square up the studies or drawings, and transfer them as faithfully as possible to a larger squared up canvas. Where possible, I will return many times to the subject to collect more information. I like the discipline and sense of tradition in working this way; it gives a "detatched" quality to the process of painting, and allows for several works to be on the go at the same time."

Peter Swan

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